Korean Telecervicography Research Group recommend: Telecervicography with Pap smear 2/23/2016 4:37:44 PM
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Cervicography, which is one of cervical cancer screening method developed by Wisconsin Medical school in USA, has been adopted in Korea 20 years ago.

In 1996, Analog system of Cervicography took more than 7 days for evaluation. Yet digital cervicography called Telecervicography system was developed by NTL and now turnaround time of Telecervicography is less than 24hrs.

Cervical cancer is the second most popular cancer in Women's cancer that one woman is died of cervical cancer every two minutes.

To prevent cervical cancer, regular screening is recommended. The most well-known screening method is Pap smear but its accuracy is only around 50% therefore other adjunctive test is highly recommended.

Recently, to compliment the low accuracy rate of Pap smear, other method has been developed yet its accuracy is still not satisfied.

Korean Telecervicography Research Goup, consisting of more than 30 Gyne-oncologists from prestigious university hospitals proceeded many clinical tests to decrease the incidence rate of cervical cancer. They concluded that Telecervicography is highly recommended as an adjuctive test of Pap smear to increase the accuracy of cervical cancer screening test.
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