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1. Stand Alone Version

The images which are taken by Dr.Cervicam (Meical Camera) on the software program, ‘Stand Alone Version’.

Save, review , compare the cervix images
Print the report
Manage all patient’s data.
No interpretation function

This version is highly recommended to the well-experienced colposcopists.

2. Network version

It needs three individual software program to operate Network version.

RQ® (Requester) for doctors in private hospital or clinic
It is the program used by the doctor of a hospital that the examination is requested to. It enlarges a patient’s uterine cervix and photographs by use of Dr. Cervicam ®(a medical camera). It requests a specialist evaluator to interpret the photographed image and the information on the patient on a real-time basis, checks the result, and prints it out.
It can enlarge a patient’s uterine cervix and then, show so it helps consulting with a patient. It is very convenient to manage the examination data of a patient, and it makes follow-up easy after examination and treatment

SP® (Service Provider) for agencies or distributors
It is the integrated management program for DCS and it is used by the service provider. It has the function of monitoring the progress of the examination on a real-time basis. It manages hospitals and interpreters, assigns an interpreter, delivers interpretation results, manages data, and controls precision. It is the key program of system operation

EV® (Evaluator) for specialized evaluator
It is the program used by a specialist evaluator. It receives the image of a patient’s uterine cervix and the detailed information transmitted on a real-time basis, determines whether the patient has cervical cancer or not on a real-time basis, and then, sends the result. It is possible to enlarge the image of a patient’s uterine cervix by about 20 times. And in case there is a lesion, it can directly indicate the relevant part and record a specialist evaluator’s evaluation comments. It has a comparative interpretation function that compares with the images of a patient’s past examination result so follow-up after the examination is possible. * Needs Specialized Evaluators * Needs Server System * Need to connect on the Internet Save, review , compare the cervix image Manage all patient’s data Check and print report on web – no more waiting for hard copies This version is highly recommended to the doctors who can’t evaluate the cervix image.
<The process of Network version>
  1. Examination
    Magnify & photograph the cervix with a special camera, input the photo images and the basic information on the patient, and transmit them for interpretaion.

  2. Assignment
    Assign the requests for interpretation to the experts through the Service Provider's integrated management program on a real-time basis.

  3. Interpertation
    Magnify the image, and tnterpret whether it has cervical cancer or not, and then transmit the result.

  4. Quality control
    Reassign 10% of the interpretations to other experts.

  5. Consultation
    Receive the result promptly within 24hours and explain to the patient.


This system is operated through Internet. As such, prompt and accurate interpretation result can be available within 24 hours after the request for interpretation is made. Three programs consist one system, operating in an independent but mutually complementary way. The intergrated management program enables real-time monitoring of overall process of the screening and ensures stable inteface. Also all the images and the information on a patient are encoded before transmitted, preempting the danger of hacking and strengthening security.

TeleCervico® Benefits

  • Prompt Interpretation result
    -Available within Maximum 24 hours
  • No Geographic Restriction to Access to care
  • No paper for test request and report
  • Reduce Labor and Consumables for delivery, test processing, and etc.
  • Screening Method using the principle of Colposcopy
  • Effective and Economical Screening
  • Easy Follow-up before and after treatment/examination
    < Specialized Evaluator >
    Telecervico® Evaluations are based on the principles of Colposcopic Examination - This is made possible by the illumination provided by Dr. Cervicam® and the magnification afforded by the CERVIGRAM®
    Conditions for NTL TELECERVICO® Evaluator
    - An OB/GYN
    - A member of the ASCCP
    - An Expert Colposcopist
    Tests for Licensed Evaluator
    - LEVEL 1 Telecervico ® Evaluator : Evaluate 100 Patients CERVIGRAMS®
    - LEVEL 2 Telecervico ® Evaluator : Evaluate 500 Patients CERVIGRAMS®
    ** 95% agreement within 1 degree/category is reached for at least 500pts
    ** No cancers are missed
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